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A Local Expert Committed to Excellence

Gordinier Homes was founded by Tim and Dustin Gordinier. Being Father and son, they have worked together their whole lives. Doing so has formed a very special bond. Tim had worked in various trades of home building while Dustin was growing up. When he could, Dustin was eager to start working with dad on the job. In 2002, Tim formed Gordinier Construction. Together they would build decks on new construction houses and Tim would teach his son some of life's most valuable lessons. Here Dustin began his career in the home building industry. Soon after, they formed GCI. Gordinier Construction Inc. They grew from building decks part time to framing and trimming houses. The team of two grew to many more and over the years they both learned tremendously about the industry, and what it takes to build a quality home. Gordinier Homes was created to do just that. 


We have a high quality homebuilding team that builds high quality homes. We provide our clients with a welcoming and stress free experience when it comes to building a home. We are committed to delivering timely, quality service, while nurturing and developing on-going relationships with our clients, business associates, and community.

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